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CT Lic. B-2215

Bedbug Treatment Preparation List

          ·         Remove all linens from every bed within the structure. Only the mattress and box spring should be left exposed.

          ·         Pick up all small items off ALL floor areas within the structure. All areas include under beds, in closets, and especially against the wall areas of every room. This should include all    small   moveable objects: clothes, shoes, books, toys, stored food, pet food, electronic equipment, etc.

          ·         All closets should be completely empty including hanging items and item stored on floor areas within closet.

          ·         All pets should be removed from the structure before the treatment begins and for at least 3 hours after.

          ·         All dressers must be completely empty to allow for treatment within the drawers.

          ·         All clothing should be placed in large sealed bags and washed before placing back in closets and dressers.

          ·         Every person should also be prepared to leave the structure for at least 3 hours after the treatment.

          ·         Any items that cannot be washed; pillows, comforters, suites, etc. should be dry cleaned before placing back into the drawers and closets.

          ·         All exposed food should be sealed and put away in cabinets or refrigerators. Kitchen cabinets do not have to be emptied out for Bedbug treatments. 

Bedbugs can be very difficult to control in certain situations. The treatments always work best when the structure is prepared properly and all areas are accessible for treatment.